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Institutional Effectiveness

Carver Student Body Profile

Carver Baptist Bible College, Institute & Theological Seminary, is a Christian institution of higher education that exists to glorify God by training and equipping Christians for effective church ministry in a multi-ethnic world. The College and Seminary offer exclusively ministry-related degrees at the Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s levels. The Institute is a non-collegiate school that offers Bible, theological, and ministry skills training for lay ministry workers in the local church or para-church organizations.


Most of the Carver student body represents a non-traditional population of adult students (average age 57 years), some of whom have prior college degrees and/or college courses and are attending college at Carver part-time (daytime or evenings), while working, caring for their families, and actively participating in Christian ministries in the local church. Some students are degree-seeking students while others are not pursuing a degree but are taking courses for ministry enhancement or personal spiritual enrichment.


Data taken from the past ten academic years reflects that our students have enrolled in an average of five credit hours per semester and primarily attend classes in the evenings after work. Although this pace takes longer than the traditional time commitment for college degrees, the Carver students seek to maintain balance between family needs, work, and ministry service. Students have revealed to us through surveys and direct contacts that their attendance patterns have been influenced by changes in full-time work schedules, family responsibilities, increased ministry commitments, and affordability—students are responsible to pay 100% of their tuition each semester.


One hundred percent (100%) of Carver graduates complete their degrees without debt. The interest-free, tuition payment plan allows students to pay their tuition in full each semester. This frees the students to graduate and proceed in ministry debt-free.

Graduate Placement

100% of our recent Seminary graduates (2) and College graduates (20) are serving in ministry in either a volunteer or professional capacity (2018-2023).

60% of our recent Seminary and College graduates pursued further education at Carver or another institution (2018-2023).

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