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Determine your search terms

  • Brainstorm search terms by looking for synonyms 

  • Google will auto-generate search terms as you type them into the search bar

  • Use headings and topics in Wikipedia to find more search terms


Carver Library

  • Online Catalog - You can access the Online Catalog either on this website or by logging into Oasis SIS and choosing the 'Library-OPAC' module. Once inside the Online catalog, click inside the search box on the left side of the screen and you will see that you can choose to search by title, author, subject, keyword (title, author and subject), Series, Dewey number, or barcode number. Type your search terms in the box on the right side of the screen. Be aware that the search engine will only search for your exact term, not all forms of that term (e.g. Bible, but not biblical; love but not loving). Search results are listed in alphabetical order by title.

  • EBSCO databases - Click on 'EBSCO Databases' from the Library webpage to log in. The current ID and password are listed in Oasis SIS in the Student and Faculty modules under Community Files. After logging in, click 'Choose Databases' and choose either the Christian Periodical Index or eBook Collection. 

  • Galaxie Theological Journal Database - This is a database that indexes 39 theological journals from the date they were first published until the near present. The database provides access to full text articles from all these journals. To get to the database you will need to login to Oasis SIS. Then you will select Student or Faculty under Module (upper right corner). Then you will see an alphabetical list of Student or Faculty Resources on the right side of your screen. Click on Galaxie Theological Journal Database. You can search the database by using the Journals Menu on the right side of the screen. Probably the most common search would be under ‘Search Journals.’ If you click on ‘Search Syntax,’ you will find tips for searching in ‘Search Journals.’


Mid-Continent Public Library

  • 'Red Bar Search' - Go to the Mid-Continent Public Library website and type your search terms into the box in the red bar near the top of the page.

Red Bar Search.png

This is a keyword search, so you can type the title, author or any other search terms. A 'Red Bar' search will return results from both the catalog and most of the library databases. MCPL has hundreds of databases. The catalog results appear first and will include all of the physical resources at the 33 library branches (books, dvds, cds, audiobooks, etc.), plus ebooks, e-audiobooks, and a few more electronic items.

Click on 'See all results in catalog' to get the full list.

Catalog results.png

Use the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow down your results. You can filter by format, audience, author, date, and so much more.


Go back to your 'Red Bar Search' and scroll down to 'Articles' and click 'See all results.'

Articles see all results.png

Again, there are many filters available on the left side of the screen. ​Also there is an 'Advanced Search' option near the top left of your screen.

Articles results.png
  • Catalog Search - You can opt to only search the catalog by clicking on the blue 'Access the Catalog' button

Access the Catalog.png

By default, it searches by keyword, but you can opt to search by title, author, subject and series. Newest items usually appear first. Use the filters on the left to narrow down your results.

  • Database Search - Go to 'Research & Learning' near the top center of your screen.

Research & Learning.png

Go to 'A-Z List' to search individual databases and perhaps get more meaningful results than the 'Red Bar' search. Probably the most useful databases for student research will be Academic OneFile, Academic Search Elite, General OneFile, MasterFile Premier, Religion and Philosophy, and Opposing Viewpoints.

A-Z List.png

OR you can click on the 'Browse Subjects' tab near the top of the page to get lists of databases by subject. 

Browse Subjects.png

Kansas City Public Library

  • Catalog Search - Go to the Kansas City Public Library website and type in your search terms in the box under 'Search the Catalog or Website.'

KCPL Search Catalog.png

It is set to search the catalog by keyword (i.e. title, author, or subject) by default.  Just like the Mid-Continent Public Library catalog, the filters are on the left to narrow down your results.

  • Resources/Research - Click on 'Resources/Research' near the top right of your screen and then 'Digital Resources & Databases' to access the library databases. You must search them one at a time. You will find them listed alphabetically or by subject.

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