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Tuition & Fees

The Seminary, College, and Institute offer Christ-centered Bible training at minimum cost to the student. Through gifts, using missionaries on the administrative staff, and qualified volunteer teachers, it is possible to provide a quality education at considerably less than actual costs.


In addition to a low tuition base, the Board of Trustees allows us to offer an interest-free payment plan.  After paying all applicable fees and 25% of the total tuition to register, the student can pay the remaining tuition balance in payments.  The payment plan requires that at least 25% of the remaining balance be paid on the first day of the following three months of the current semester.  All tuition must be paid prior to taking final exams.

Payment Plan Late Fee - $20.00

Continuation Fee (If course work is prolonged beyond acceptable academic schedule) - $30.00



General Fees

Application Fee (one time only) - $30.00

Student ID Fee - $15.00

Student Services Fee - $40.00

Late Fee (after registration period) - $30.00

College Tuition

Registration Fee - $20.00

Resource Fee - $10.00

Tuition (per Credit hour) - $150.00

Audit (per Credit Hour) - $80.00

Service Fee (for students who choose the payment plan) - $20.00

Graduation Fee (Associate & Bachelors Degrees) - $50.00

Seminary Tuition​

Registration Fee - $25.00

Resource Fee - $20.00

Tuition (per Credit hour) - $210.00

Service Fee (for students on the payment plan) - $30.00

Graduation Fee - $100.00

Institute Tuition

Registration Fee - $20.00

Resource Fee - $10.00

Tuition/Audit (per Course) - $80.00

Apples of Gold Tuition (per Course) - $100.00

Service Fee (for students on the payment plan) - $20.00

Graduation Fee – Apples of Gold - $35.00

Graduation Fee – Certificate - $50.00


God has also raised up sources of financial aid for our students in the form of scholarships and grants.  Spouses of full-time students will be granted a 50% tuition scholarship.  Should you need financial assistance beyond the monthly payment plan, please contact the Office of the Registrar at for further information.  It is our desire that nobody from the urban core will fail to have an opportunity to study God’s Word for a lack of money.

STUDENT REFERRALS (earn tuition credit):

An active student will receive a $125 tuition credit for each new “college” student referral who is admitted and completes classes on campus.  Likewise a tuition credit of $70 will be given for each new “certificate” student.  Ask for a voucher for the referral program from the Administrative Office.

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