Student Body

The majority of the Carver student body represents a non-traditional population of adult students who are attending college part-time (daytime or evenings), while working, caring for their families, and actively participating in Christian ministry in the local church. Part-time attendance is considered enrollment for 1-11 credit hours in any given semester.

The part-time vs full-time percentage of the student population for the last five academic years (Fall 2014 – Fall 2018) average 95.6% part-time students.

Institutional Effectiveness

Graduation Rate

The traditional graduation rate requires tracking the progress of students who began their studies as full-time, first time degree-seeking undergraduate students to determine if they complete a two-year degree in 150% of the time (three years), or if they complete a four-year degree in 150% of the time (six years). This graduation rate requires more than part-time attendance.

Analysis of the completion time taken by graduating undergraduate students at Carver over the last 10 years indicates that an average of 9% completed the two-year degree (64 credit hours) in 150% of the time in an average of 18% completed the four year degree (128 credit hours) in 150% of the time. Most part-time graduates from the undergraduate programs for that period exceeded the standard 150% completion time.

Financial Indebtedness of Graduates

One hundred percent (100%) of Carver graduates complete their degrees without debt. The interest-free, tuition payment plan allows students to pay their tuition in full each semester. This frees the students to graduate and proceed in ministry debt-free.

Tuition Affordability

Carver offers one of the most affordable tuition credit hour rates of Bible Colleges in the area.

Student Ministry Service

Training students for effective local church ministry is a very important focus at Carver. All students are required to complete a Christian Service/Ministry Formation Evaluation each year to assess their current ministry involvement, effectiveness of Christian service, and time committed to ministry service both inside and outside of the local church (e.g., para-church ministries). The results of these assessments for the 2018- 2019 school year are as follows:

98% of students were actively involved in at least 1 ministry

93% of students were actively involved in at least 2 ministries

71% of students were actively involved in 3 or more ministries

Graduate Placement Rates

100% of our recent graduates (2015-2019) are serving in a local church, in either a volunteer or professional capacity.

68% of our recent graduates (2015-2019) pursued further education at Carver or another higher education institution.