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Bachelor of Science Degree

The Bachelor of Science degree is a college program of 128 hours for those who don't desire to take Greek language courses. Concentrations are available in the following disciplines: Biblical Counseling, Biblical Studies, Christian Education, Pulpit Ministries, & Urban Ministries.

To be admitted into the Bachelor of Science program students must:

  • successfully complete the required courses or equivalent course content of the Associate of Arts program

  • the semester prior to enrollment, submit an application via the Admissions Office and be accepted into the Bachelor of Science program

  • receive approval to enter his/her chosen area of concentration

The degree consists of 113 hours of general requirements and 15 hours of concentration requirements.

Bachelor of Science General Requirements

Course Name

BC301 Intro to Biblical Counseling (3 hr)

BI101 Bible Survey I - OT (3 hr)

BI102 Bible Survey II - NT (3 hr)

BI103 Pauline Epistles I - Romans (3 hr)

BI105 Intro to Bible Study (3 hr)

BI330 Hermeneutics (3 hr)

BI - Old Testament electives (6 hr)

BI or TH - Bible or Theology electives (20 hr)

CE201 Intro to Christian Ed (3 hr)

EN105 English Grammar Survey (2 hr)

EN201 Communication Skills (2 hr)

EN203 English Composition I (3 hr)

EN204 English Composition II (3 hr)

EN305 Great Christian Literature I (1 hr)

EN306 Great Christian Literature II (1 hr)

EN307 Great Christian Literature III (1 hr)

GE - General Education Elective (3 hr)

GE210 US History (3 hr)

GE211 World History (3 hr)

GE220 College Algebra I (3 hr)

GE230 Natural Science (3 hr)

LA201 Intro to Biblical Languages (3 hr)

MI201 Missions I (2 hr)

MI301 Introduction to World Views (3 hr)

MI302 Dynamics of Urban Ministry (3 hr)

PT101 Orientation (1 hr)

PT102 Personal Evangelism (2 hr)

PT105 Christian Life & Maturity (1 hr)

PT202 Biblical Leadership (2 hr)

SS201 Church History (3 hr)

TH101 Introduction to Theology (3 hr)

TH201 Systematic Theology I (3 hr)

TH202 Systematic Theology II (3 hr)

TH310 Systematic Theology III (3 hr)

TH312 Dispensational Theology (3 hr)

TH313 Apologetics (3 hr)

Concentration Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Biblical Counseling

BC302 Theology of Christian Counseling

BC303 Marriage & Family Counseling

BC304 Comparative Counseling

BC305 Crisis Counseling

BC340 Practicum in Christian Counseling

Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies

BI - 8 hours Bible electives

BI320 Bible Prophecy

BI322 Biblical Textual Issues

BI340 Practicum in Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Science in Christian Education

CE203 Christian Home

CE310 Christian Education Administration

CE311 Church Education Ministries

CE312 Teaching Process

CE340 Practicum in Christian Education

Bachelor of Science in Pulpit Ministries

PT302 Expository Preaching I

PT303 Expository Preaching II

PT312 Pastoral Theology

MI310B Church Planting & Revitalization

PT310 Church Administration

PT401 Practicum in Pulpit Ministries

Bachelor of Science in Urban Ministries

MI220 City in Theological Perspectives

MI305 Leadership in Urban Church

MI320 Theology and Sociology of Poverty

MI330 Economic Development of the Poor

MI350 Practicum in Urban Ministry

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