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Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies Degree

The Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies degree is a college program of 64 hours which can later be applied to fulfill the requirements of either the BA or BS degree.

The last 24 hours of the degree must be completed at Carver.

Candidates for the AA degree must also pass a comprehensive examination to the satisfaction of the faculty before the degree will be granted. 


BC301 Intro to Biblical Counseling (3 hr)

BI101 Bible Survey I - OT (3 hr)

BI102 Bible Survey II - NT (3 hr)

BI105 Intro to Bible Study (3 hr)

BI330 Hermeneutics (3 hr)

BI or TH Bible or Theology Electives (10 hr)

CE201 Intro to Christian Ed (3 hr)

EN105 English Grammar Survey (2 hr)

EN201 Communication Skills (2 hr)

EN203 English Composition I (3 hr)

EN204 English Composition II (3 hr)

EN305 Great Christian Literature I (1 hr)

EN306 Great Christian Literature II (1 hr)

EN307 Great Christian Literature III (1 hr)

MI201 Missions I (2 hr)

MI301 Introduction to World Views (3 hr)

MI302 Dynamics of Urban Ministry (3 hr)

PT101 Orientation (1 hr)

PT102 Personal Evangelism (2 hr)

PT105 Christian Life & Maturity (1 hr)

PT202 Biblical Leadership (2 hr)

SS201 Church History (3 hr)

TH101 Introduction to Theology (3 hr)

TH312 Dispensational Theology (3 hr)

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